Setup Linksys router through Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard

Setup Linksys router through Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard

Linksys routers are called Smart Wifi Routers. Cisco introduced a new feature called Connect Cloud. All the latest Linksys routers have this feature. This service allows the users to control and manage the Linksys routers remotely through any Smartphone or tablet. Linksys routers are working on the latest 802.11 ac wireless standard technology. They also support dual bands and switch from one band to another according to the internet access. As a result of this, a user gets faster internet speed for streaming videos. The setup of the router is easy through the Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard.

There are so many features that are being added to the Linksys router to make it loved by all. The features include guest network, parental controls, media prioritization, network map etc. An app is also provided in the admin panel to check the speed of the broadband connection. Cloud connect service lets you view the network, change the settings remotely. Use can also use third party apps such as block malicious content.

The setup for the Linksys router is easy through the Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard. This software comes with the setup CD of the router. The CD is included in the box when you purchase a Linksys router from an authorised dealer. If you do not want to face any problem while the setup process then check out the following points before starting the process.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of any browser. The operating system also matters.
  • To begin, you need a setup CD, Linksys router, two RJ-45 Ethernet cables and a computer system having Ethernet port and CD drive.
  • Check that there is proper a internet connection. To do so, make a connection between your wireless device and modem. Connect them with an Ethernet cable and access the internet by opening a browser.

Continue with the setup process if you have all the things listed above.

  1. Click on the Setup your Linksys router after inserting the setup CD into the CD drive of the computer system having internet.
  2. Select a Language on which you want to see the instructions on the screen. Accept the terms and conditions by enabling the check box before it.
  3. The next screen shows you how to connect your router. Follow the instructions to do the same.
  4. The setup process begins and may take a while to finish configuring everything.
  5. Three fields will be displayed that are network name, network password and router password. You can change them now or later on. It is up to you. But the recommendation is to change the values for the security purpose.
  6. Save the settings and click next. The Linksys Smart Wifi setup wizard automatically detects the type of internet connection.
  7. A window appears saying you are connected to the internet now. And next window shows the completion of the setup process. Click close.
  8. You can continue the process for making a Linksys account.

If you are getting any issues while the setup through Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard, you can contact our support team to resolve the issue. We are available online through our live chat window given on the website. Get an instant reply from the team.