How to Setup Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router Without Setup CD?

How to Setup Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router Without Setup CD?

Setting up your Linksys router requires no special efforts. Linksys routers are simple to configure & can be setup with or without setup CD. So, if you have setup CD or mistakenly lost Setup CD even then, you can setup the router. Your Linksys router is smart enough to get setup without any extra effort. Download Linksys Connect Setup Software from Linksys Support Site & get ready to install Linksys Wi-Fi Router. To do this, you need connecting your computer to network via a working internet connection or else straight with the modem. One more option of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Setup router is setting it up manually. Keep in mind that not every Linksys router is compatible with Linksys Connect. To download firmware or driver for Linksys device, go to Router official website & look out for device’s product page. So, let’s get started now for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Setup.

Setup Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router Without Setup CD

  •    First of all, go to Router official support site. Here, enter your router model number into search box & then click on it.

  •    In case, you don’t know regarding your router model & hardware version then, contact our expert’s for more information.
  •    Next, click on Downloads/ Firmware push button.
  •    Choose the Hardware version of your Linksys router.
  •    Now, place Setup Software for computer & click on Download.
  •    Once the End User License Agreement pop out, click on Agree button.
  •    Now, save the setup software & choose the location on a computer where you like to save the file. It is better to save the file on the computer desktop so that you can easily access it.
  •    After this, click twice on downloaded Linksys Connect setup file.
  •    Subsequently, click on the License Terms link, in order to interpret license terms & information. After that, check the box nearby Link & then click Next.
  •    Follow on screen instructions on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Setup screen.
  •    Suppose, you are using Internet connection via satellite fiber optic or T1 which has no modem. In that case, connect an active Ethernet cable to yellow colored Internet port of Linksys router & then click Next.
  •    With this, Linksys connect will begin to configure the network. At this time, do not the close present window.

  •    Linksys Smart WI-FI Setup will start generating exclusive Router name (SSID) & Password for the network. Here, you have the option to modify generated SSID and password of the wireless network. Once you were done, click Next.

Get Expert’s advice for leftover Steps

To know further steps get assistance from our team. We have 24/7 active team that can answer your any router related query. To get connected with them, place call on toll-free number. Team is working hard round the clock to serve you with quality advice. You can also approach the team for live interaction. Keep posting your valuable Feedback & comment, So that we can make customer care a life time experience.