Enable Device Prioritization by Using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Enable Device Prioritization by Using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Do you usually have less time managing your router, or face issue while managing your router?  It is because you are not aware of the quality router or features your router might have. If your router doesn’t have smart features that can help you in managing router locally or easily, get a quality router like Linksys today. Linksys router has many features which make easy managing router from Linksys Smart Wi-Fi feature. With this, you can anytime monitor or manage router your wifi network. You required installing Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app on your tablet or smartphone to get started. For example, if you are not comfortable using your network access with other users, use Guest Access Control.

In Guest Access Control, generate separate wifi network which is password protected of up to 50 guests. Or you don’t want your kids to access the internet or particular website in your absence, use Parental Controls. Parental Control features widely get used by a number of users to block, limit or block particular devices from accessing the Internet. To know more about Linksys Smart Wi-Fi feature and how you can utilize it for further router usage, go to the entire blog. Below mentioned steps need to follow, while using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi feature.

What Device Prioritization Do In Linksys Router

  • With the help of Media prioritization, you can decide which application and devices get network bandwidth urgency.
  • You can customize Device prioritization in the Settings tab of the Media Prioritization Tool.
  • The user can also state the downstream bandwidth speed, needed to be used in kilobits per seconds (Kbps). By default, speed is set to 0 which means unlimited. If you by mistake or intentionally set it too high, the router will face issue applying it or might give issue.
  • You may also notice an option of WMM Support. It is enabled by default in router setting. WMM Support gets used mainly for enhancing the quality of video, audio or voice apps by arranging wireless traffic.
  • Just in case, you want to set the option for the router to resend data in event of error occurs. This option is by default is disabled in Linksys router. Linksys router user can also reset the prioritization list, to personalized setting once again.

Enable Device Prioritization by Using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

  • Start with accessing Account of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.
  • After this, click on the Media Prioritization.
  • Now, Set the button at On mode in prioritizes option.
  • Drop down the list of devices, to set their priority starting from Normal to High priority section. The user can prioritize up to 3 devices.

To know further about Media Prioritization by Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, get connected to our device. We have a professional team that can help you prioritize the bandwidth for your devices and apps. Get experts’ advice, by dialing a toll-free number. You can also interact live with the team. If you wish to share feedback regarding our services and & today blog, post your comments in the Comment box.

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