Connecting a wireless printer to your Linksys router provides you an ease to print your files from anywhere in the house. You can conveniently print your files through your HP printer, as long as you are connected to your home wireless network. Switching to a wireless printer is a better option as these printers are designed for busy and productive people. So in this article, we will show you the solution for your query “how
Do you have multiple devices at your home or all are internet enabled? If yes, then you are one of those users, who constantly require wifi connection on their devices. You need a router, which can easily provide high-speed internet, with overall coverage. If you haven’t found such router, let us help you, in this matter. As we are router experts, & help users, in choosing best router for their daily needs. Today we have
Enable Device Prioritization by Using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Do you usually have less time managing your router, or face issue while managing your router?  It is because you are not aware of the quality router or features your router might have. If your router doesn’t have smart features that can help you in managing router locally or easily, get a quality router like Linksys today. Linksys router has many features which make easy managing router
How to Setup Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router Without Setup CD? Setting up your Linksys router requires no special efforts. Linksys routers are simple to configure & can be setup with or without setup CD. So, if you have setup CD or mistakenly lost Setup CD even then, you can setup the router. Your Linksys router is smart enough to get setup without any extra effort. Download Linksys Connect Setup Software from Linksys Support Site &
Setup Linksys router through Linksys Smart Wifi Setup Wizard Linksys routers are called Smart Wifi Routers. Cisco introduced a new feature called Connect Cloud. All the latest Linksys routers have this feature. This service allows the users to control and manage the Linksys routers remotely through any Smartphone or tablet. Linksys routers are working on the latest 802.11 ac wireless standard technology. They also support dual bands and switch from one band to another according